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Broiled Pork Chops

Broiled Pork Chops


Broiled Pork Chops – Pork Chops – Avocado Oil PORK CHOPS SEASONING – Italian Seasoning – Brown Sugar – Paprika – Onion Powder – Garlic Powder – Dried Mustard Seeds – Dried Oregano – Salt

Bring the pork chops to room temperature for 15 minutes. Pat dry the chops with absorbent paper. Set them aside.


Prepare the pork seasoning by stirring all the dry spices in a small bowl. You can also use my homemade pork seasoning recipe.


Preheat the oven to broil mode at 500°F (260°C). Place the cast-iron skillet on the top rack of the oven to preheat the pan before adding the meat.


Meanwhile, rub the pork chops on both sides with the oil, then rub the seasoning on both sides.


Place the pork chops on the heated skillet. Broil the chops for 3-4 minutes, flip, and keep broiling for an extra 3-4 minutes or until the temperature reaches 145°F (63°C).




Serving: 1 Chop Makes: 2 Chops

Prep: 10 Minutes Cook: 20 Minutes

Broiled Pork Chops

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